Is the USA Still One Nation Under God?

Is the USA Still One Nation Under God? Podcast 53 Transcript (This is a computer generated transcript of this podcast. This is NOT a typed transcript and it has not been edited. Expect grammatical and syntactical errors.) Hello, and good day. I am B. R. Maul, and you are listening

A Life of Luxury is No Life

A Life of Luxury is No Life Throughout history there have been rich people who are not content with just their wealth. They crave power! They need power! And they will stop at nothing to get it. These are rich oppressors. They see themselves as elite humans, even demigods.

We Know Not What Tomorrow Will Bring

We Know Not What Tomorrow Will Bring: Are you a planner? Do you have next week all planned? Maybe you even have next month planned. Did you know that born again followers of Christ are not to plan their time the way they used to before they were saved? Why?

Laughter Turned To Mourning

Laughter Turned To Mourning: Christians who have been following Jesus for a while should notice the negative effects of their sin and be grieved when they have grieved the Holy Spirit. What once made a sinner laugh will bring tears to their eyes after being born again! Podcast 50 Transcript

Fight & War

Fight & War: Christians are God's children. Like all children we can forget what our Heavenly Father has taught us and quickly slide back into our old, selfish ways. If not checked, greed takes hold of our hearts and cause us to fight and war with our brothers and sisters.

Heavenly Versus Demonic Wisdom

Heavenly Versus Demonic Wisdom: All good things come from God, and so does all wisdom. Unfortunately, Satan has been working for thousands of years doing what he does best, corrupting God's creation and twisting wisdom. We learn in this episode the difference between heavenly wisdom and demonic wisdom. Don't

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