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In our latest episode of “Living God’s Way in an Ungodly World,” we explore the profound insights of 1 John 2:15-17 and its relevance in navigating a world filled with temptations and distractions. This episode aims to dissect the crucial differences between loving God and loving the world, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing divine love and spiritual values over worldly desires.

The passage from 1 John 2:15-17 warns believers not to love the world or the things in it, urging us to reject morally and socially corrupt values while still appreciating God’s creation. The Greek term “agapeo” guides us to love people, including our enemies, without succumbing to the world’s flawed systems. This distinction is vital for Christians who may feel conflicted about enjoying worldly things. John clarifies that the issue lies not in the enjoyment but in adopting the world’s corrupt values.

A significant portion of the episode focuses on the three areas of temptation mentioned in 1 John 2:16: the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. These temptations are ever-present in our daily lives, and recognizing them is the first step in overcoming them. The episode delves into how these temptations manifest and the importance of the Holy Spirit in empowering us to resist them. By examining Jesus’ temptations in Luke 4, we learn valuable lessons on faith and sanctification.

One of the critical insights discussed is the concept of the lust of the flesh, which involves anything that gratifies our physical desires. This could range from food and drugs to seemingly harmless activities like video games and TV. The episode emphasizes that overcoming these temptations requires the power of the Holy Spirit. Similarly, the lust of the eyes pertains to covetousness and the desire for what we see. While it’s natural to appreciate things, coveting them can lead to ingratitude and spiritual downfall.

The pride of life is another significant temptation that involves the desire for recognition and status. This temptation can manifest in the pursuit of fame, wealth, or skills that set us apart from others. The world often encourages us to seek these desires, but the episode underscores the importance of humility and placing God above all else. Jesus’ responses to the devil’s temptations serve as a powerful example of how to navigate these challenges.

The episode also touches on the essence of loving God above all else, rather than the blessings He provides. This distinction is crucial for believers who may find themselves prioritizing material wealth, relationships, or other worldly desires over their spiritual journey. Regular communication with God through prayer, fellowship with other believers, and mutual support are highlighted as essential practices for maintaining focus on God amidst life’s distractions.

The value of community and encouragement in one’s spiritual journey is another focal point. The episode invites listeners to share their experiences and questions, reinforcing that we are all in this journey together. The importance of mutual support in navigating life’s challenges cannot be overstated, and the podcast aims to create a space for believers to connect and uplift each other.

Throughout the episode, various biblical references, including Peter’s vision in Acts 10 and the temptations of Jesus in Luke 4, are used to illustrate the discussed concepts. These references provide a deeper understanding of the teachings and how they apply to our lives today. The episode encourages listeners to reflect on their own experiences and consider how they can prioritize divine love and values over worldly temptations.

In conclusion, this episode of “Living God’s Way in an Ungodly World” offers profound insights into the challenges of loving God in a world filled with temptations and distractions. By examining 1 John 2:15-17, we learn to distinguish between enjoying worldly things and adopting corrupt values. The discussion on the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life provides practical guidance on recognizing and overcoming these temptations. Through faith, sanctification, and the power of the Holy Spirit, believers can navigate these challenges and prioritize their spiritual journey. The episode also emphasizes the importance of community and mutual support, inviting listeners to share their experiences and questions. Tune in for an enriching conversation that aims to inspire and guide you in prioritizing divine love and values over worldly corruption.

Podcast 63 Transcript

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B.R.Maul: 1:50

Hello and good day. I am BR Maul and you are listening to Living God’s Way in an Ungodly World, so thank you for joining me. We are still in 1 John 2, verse 15 through 17. This passage will help us cover what John has to say then about loving the world versus loving God. There could be a lot of confusion in this, because a lot of Christians can feel like that maybe they don’t love God because there are things of this world that they like. So we’ll talk more about that. As usual, I’ll read God’s Word and then after that we’ll break it down 1 John 2, verse 15.

B.R.Maul: 2:38

Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life is not of the Father but is of the world, and the world is passing away and the lust of it. But he who does the will of God abides forever. Here ends the reading Beloved, let’s take a look at this, because it is important to understand what John is talking about here is not that there’s things that we, as Christians, like about this world, that we even enjoy and even love. We need to look at this in perspective. First of all, as Christians, we are commanded to love everybody. So if it were the case where we are unable to love anything that is in this world, that would include everyone else, including ourself. So remember always to check the Bible. With the Bible that is error-proof, I guarantee you. So, with that said, we can take a look at this, because in verse 15, when John says do not love the world or the things in the world, the Greek word for love is agapeo. This isn’t agape love, but it does mean to love in a social or moral sense. So we are not to love this world morally and socially, in other words, how the world works. That doesn’t mean that we don’t love people. We should know that because we’re commanded to love people, we’re commanded, as Christians, to even love our enemies. So it certainly is not talking about that, but how the world, the moral values of this world, the social structure of this world. We are not to love it. That is not what our life is all about, since we are not of this world. Our home is heavenly. We are only in this world. If you recall that, we are told that we are not to conform to this world, to those around us, but we are to be transformed from the Word of God. We are to have the effect on others around us as light and salt of the earth. But if a Christian is loving this world and everything about it, well, that’s morally corrupt. So since this world is morally corrupt, socially corrupt, that means we would be loving corruptness. We can’t do that. So John is saying do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. Okay, so what about the fact that there’s things that we do love about this world? We have already covered that. We are to love everyone. So whether they are born again or they are still of this world and are unsaved, they are not a child of God. It doesn’t matter. We are to love them. So there should be no question about that. But what about things? If we love things in this world, does that mean the love of the Father is not in us? The answer to that would be no. Well, how do we know that One passage we can use to help us answer.

B.R.Maul: 6:05

This is in the book of Acts, chapter 10, verse 9. Cornelius sends for Peter. Due to God’s instruction, peter is told by God go there. And as Peter’s waiting, here’s what happens. The next day, as they went on their journey and drew near the city, peter went up on the housetop to pray about the sixth hour. Then he became very hungry and wanted to eat. But while they made ready so in other words, they were downstairs preparing food he fell into a trance and saw heaven opened and an object like a great sheet, bound at the four corners, descending to him and let down to the earth. In it were all kinds of four-footed animals of the earth, wild beasts, creeping things and birds of the air. And a voice came to him saying Rise, peter, kill and eat. But Peter said Not so, lord, for I have never eaten anything common or unclean. Keep in mind, remember, this is Peter. He’s a Jew, he’s been devout, so he has been following the law the best that he can right. He sees these things that God is showing him and God’s saying go ahead and eat. And he’s saying no, I can’t do that. Now, here’s what God says. And a voice spoke to him again the second time what God has cleansed you must not call common. This was done three times and the object was taken up into heaven again. Okay, so what just happened there? God is showing Peter that the ways of the law is done and over with, because they are no longer under the law, they are under the grace of Jesus Christ, that to go ahead and eat, you no longer have the rules of what you can and cannot do. Okay. But even God himself here says what God has cleansed you must not call common.

B.R.Maul: 8:00

In the very first book of the Bible, in the very first book of the Bible, chapter 1, in Genesis, verse 31,. Then God saw everything that he had made and indeed it was very good. We live in a fallen world, but we still live in God’s creation. John isn’t telling us that at this point we need to hate everything here on earth, because even though we are still living in a fallen state, as born-again believers yes, we also know that we are heaven-bound, that in eternity we will be glorified and so will all of God’s creation be glorified. But until that time, we are being sanctified and we are to appreciate, we are to be content with what God has given us and to be content. We can enjoy what the Lord has given us. So there’s nothing wrong with that.

B.R.Maul: 8:55

John is not telling us that we need to hate everything and everyone. The problem is we can’t let sin take over in our hearts Because, remember, we can only serve one master, and often that is compared to love God or to love money. But that master, for some, may not be money. The master could be God’s creation in general. What John is saying is that one we can’t love the moral values of this world, how people behave and act, the social structure, what the world makes important, what the world says to do. So the world makes it very clear that, oh, it’s so important that you work hard and that you get as much as you can, save as much as you can, keep as much as you can, be as comfortable as you can. That’s the way of the world and that is what we are not to love, that we should look at and be disgusted, because our Heavenly Father makes it very clear that we are to make ourselves lesser than others. We are to be humble. We are to be kind and loving and generous, very generous beyond what the world considers generous, beloved. I tell you now, if you are born again and if you’re just squeaking in where some of the people of this world think that you’re pretty generous, I’d say you’re falling flat behind on what God wants us to do. Because the world should see us as Christians and say I can’t believe it. They’re giving what away, they’re giving how much away, they’re dedicating how much time to help these people. Okay, we need to be blowing people out of the water with this, because we have the love of our Father in us, we have the Holy Spirit in us. But we don’t love the idea of saving a bunch of money up working what little time God has given us away for retirement or to save up for some vacations or whatever it might be. No, we are to trust in our Lord, our Savior, for everything. Okay, for everything okay.

B.R.Maul: 11:10

Verse 16, for all that is in the world. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life is not of the Father, but is of the world. Very interesting, those are three areas that define everything of this world. Let’s take a look at each of those. John says for all that is in the world. The first is the lust of the flesh. So what is the lust of the flesh? The lust of the flesh is anything that we feed our flesh, because the flesh desires the flesh lusts over these type of things. What are they?

B.R.Maul: 11:46

Food, that’s an easy one that many people lust over, and as Christians, well, we need to be able to overcome that. Why? Because again you have the Holy Spirit dwelling in you. The very power of God that has raised the dead, that has split the Red Sea, that has done so many miracles over and over and over in God’s Word, is the same power that is in you as a born-again believer. So when we go to him and we ask him anything that is in his will beloved, he will answer that it is a promise that he gives us and it is one that I can testify for, along with many brothers and sisters who, along the walk with the Lord, have learned to place our trust in him.

B.R.Maul: 12:33

But that’s just food. I mean, we have this horrible epidemic in the United States and in much parts of the world as well, but especially United States, countries that are blessed and we have an abundance and we just eat and our lives rotate around. What’s our next meal? But we’re not to do that, because that’s the lust of the flesh. But that can be other things drugs as well, sex, anything, anything that we give to our body because it lusts. After that we can feel good about it. Now I’d even say like video games, for example, watching movies and TVs, because when we are doing that we are getting this satisfaction in us.

B.R.Maul: 13:18

And then, when we don’t do it for a while, when we are in that habit of doing it, well, we need to go back to it. So we either need to learn to break that cycle and not give in to that lust which is what we need to do as Christians or you’re going to continue to be slave to it and we’re told we don’t have to be slave. Jesus Christ paid for the sins and he has given us this power to overcome that. Are we going to be sinless? No, are we going to sin less? Yes, as we are being sanctified. So that is the lust of the flesh. Now we’ll go here in just a few moments and we’ll visit how Jesus was tempted by the devil. These three areas he tempts Jesus. So lust of the flesh.

B.R.Maul: 14:05

The next one is the lust of the eyes. The lust of the eyes is covetousness just by looking at something and then desiring it, not the same thing as looking at something and enjoying it or appreciating it. Don’t let the devil fool you. Yes, your heart is going to continue to want to get what it wants. And the lust of the eyes is covetousness, not just enjoying something. I can look at, let’s say, a brand new car, and really appreciate it and look at it and go, wow, that’s pretty neat, maybe even take it for a test drive and really appreciate just how it maneuvers. Hey, that’s really nice and enjoy that.

B.R.Maul: 14:51

But the thing is, if I’m going around and I keep looking at new cars and, oh, I just wish I had this one, oh, I wish I had that one, and next thing, you know, I’m looking at what I’m driving going. This is old, this is stupid man, this is boring. I don’t have all these cool gadgets that these other vehicles have. Okay, that is lust of the eyes, because we are wishing we had what God hasn’t given us and, frankly, that basically turns around. We start to be not appreciative of what we do have. So that’s lust of the eyes and of course that too is in many different levels. We can look at the opposite sex and just kind of sit there and look and wish we had this, or wish we had this person, that person, money houses, you name it. I think you get the idea.

B.R.Maul: 15:38

Being somebody who covets and wants what other people have and you don’t have is lust of the eyes. What does the world say about that, by the way? Well, go out and get it. Don’t wait. If you want it, just tag it, go grab it. Get a credit card, take out a loan, whatever, or, depending on where you live in the world, just go take it if you’re stronger. So, pretty sad, but that’s the way of the world.

B.R.Maul: 16:02

The third area the pride of life. And that is when we have desire to be noticed. We want, whether it’s fame, so people notice us for something that we have done, something that we have. Maybe it’s because we have a whole bunch of money or because we have this great skill, whatever it might be, but pride of life is wanting to be in the spotlight, wanting to be noticed over others, wanting to even feel more important than others. Again, this is the way of the world. The world tells us over and over in songs and movies and books but this is it. This is everything that God has given us and frankly, I’m being generous because most of the time they’re not even talking about God. But this is all we have in this world. So make the best of it and be as big as you can and get as much as you can, and that’s what life is about here in the world. Hence, we are not to love the world and the things in it.

B.R.Maul: 17:06

If you have your Bible with you, you’re welcome to turn to Luke, chapter 4. And I’ll read through this one quickly as well, because this is when Jesus is tempted in those three areas. Those are the three areas that are broken down for us, so we can be aware of those Lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life. Interestingly enough, by the way, when Satan tempts Jesus, it happens right after he’s baptized, which I find interesting. I won’t go down this rabbit hole too far, but what I find interesting about this is this happens so often in our walk with the Lord, when we take these steps, where we make progress as we lean on him and he shows us that we become stronger in our faith. We make decisions for the Lord, to give to the Lord, and he blesses us, and it’s often right after that, when we hit a peak, that suddenly we can fall into a valley. So I find it interesting that just after Jesus is baptized and the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove has descended upon him, in chapter 4 in Luke we read Then Jesus, being filled with the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan, that’s the river he was baptized in and was led by the Spirit again.

B.R.Maul: 18:30

Capital S the Holy Spirit into the wilderness, being tempted for 40 days by the devil. Another side note the wilderness. God will take us out into the wilderness beloved it is often in the wilderness is when he cleanses those that he wants to do work in, and we see that in various places right here with Jesus. The Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness, so it’s not like a punishment. The Holy Spirit is the one that said okay, you’re going to come out to the wilderness here and we’re going to have some trials for you. It’ll make you stronger. Well, we see that also with Moses. Moses was out in the wilderness for 40 years. He ran from Egypt to save his life after killing the Egyptian and the people of Egypt. They too, they roamed the wilderness for 40 years. Interesting, because Jesus is out in the wilderness for 40 days.

B.R.Maul: 19:26

I love God’s word. There’s just so much to it. Okay, but enough said about that. Let’s take a look, then, at these three areas. So, being tempted for 40 days by the devil. Now he’s been tempted for 40 days by the devil, and he’s been tempted for 40 days by the devil, and in those days, he, being Jesus, ate nothing. And afterward, when they had ended, he was hungry and the devil said to him if you are the son of God, command this stone to become bread. But Jesus answered him, saying it is written man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God. Okay, so now, what area is that? That’s the temptation of the flesh. That desire, the flesh is saying feed me, I need to eat, eat some bread. So the devil was playing up to that, saying hey, if you are the son of God, you have the power. Go ahead, make some loaves out of this and just eat away.

B.R.Maul: 20:20

I’ve heard it said that the devil is being sincere here, that he himself doesn’t know for sure if Jesus is the Son of God. Another side note, because, remember, beloved, the devil is not. I repeat, the devil is not sovereign, he is not omniscient, he is not omnipotent, he is not omnipresent. Now we talk and act like he is the one who is causing all the mischief in the world. Well, he’s the father of it, but keep in mind he has an army of fallen angels. He’s not doing it all, but he has a big army to do what he needs to do. Okay, so just another side note, all right.

B.R.Maul: 21:01

So Jesus was tempted with the lust of the flesh. Then the devil, taking him on a high mountain, showed him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. There’s a supernatural moment, in a moment of time. And then Jesus saw all the kingdoms of the world, and the devil said to him and then Jesus saw all the kingdoms of the world, and the devil said to him All this authority I will give you and their glory, for this has been delivered to me and I give it to whomever I wish. Therefore, if you will worship before me, all will be yours, okay, well then, that would be what Lust of the eyes he is showing him. Look at all this stuff you can have Now. Interestingly enough, by the way, here’s what Jesus says get behind me, satan, for it is written you shall worship the Lord, your God, and him only you shall serve. Notice that Jesus does not deny that the devil does in fact have this authority. Why is that? Well, that’s again a whole other story, another preaching. But that’s because he has taken it from Adam. The devil is the ruler, the king of this world. He has usurped Adam.

B.R.Maul: 22:13

Okay, so moving along to the last one. Then he brought him, jesus, to Jerusalem, set him on the pinnacle of the temple and said to him if you are the son of God, throw yourself down from here, for it is written, he shall give his angels charge over you to keep you and the devil continues to quote God’s word in their hands, they shall bear you up lest you dash your foot against a stone. And Jesus answered and said to him it has been said, you shall not tempt the Lord, your God. Now, when the devil had ended every temptation, he departed from him, departed from Jesus, until an opportune time. The devil wasn’t done with him and just like he is not done with us, it never ends until we are glorified. So that would be the temptation, then, of pride. Temptation isn’t the sin. So temptation isn’t the sin. So temptation when we are being tempted, that in and of itself is not the sin. It is falling to that temptation and going through with it that is the sin. Okay, so we can go back now to 1 John.

B.R.Maul: 23:24

And now we have now looked at those three areas that we need to be very cautious about, because everything that is in this world beloved is against God. It is all for the flesh, and anything can easily fall into the category of an idol and become sin for a child of God, for a born-again believer, and most of the things are in and of themselves not bad. So taking food again, of course food isn’t bad. It’s something that God created. He created us and gave us the ability to consume, to eat, to enjoy what he has created. He wants you to enjoy what he has made. But because we are in this fallen state and flesh is wrestling with the spirit, they are not getting along and they will not get along until we’re glorified. So we are going to constantly battle this lust the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. We cannot get around it completely, but something as simple as just eating and enjoying food can quickly and easily become what we focus on each and every day. That’s how easy it is if we do not keep our eyes on Jesus, our Savior, if we’re not reading God’s word every day, if we’re not in prayer every day. And I’ll go even further, because it’s not about just doing the right thing, it’s about not doing the wrong things.

B.R.Maul: 25:03

For a while I lived in an area that, yes, I was reading God’s Word on a regular basis, most days anyway, I was reading God’s word on a regular basis, most days anyway. But the problem is I was still doing a lot of things that were separating me from God. And what were some of those things? Some of the programming I used to love, watching TV programs, that, even just a lot of sitcoms that back in the day I thought, hey, this is some pretty funny stuff. And I realize now just how worldly it is and how the world I was loving that and just laughing at the idea when they would mock marriages, when they would mock husbands and wives, when they would mock fathers and mothers in the sitcoms, children, the way many sitcoms kind of tear apart what God has made the family unit and we can sit and laugh at. Now I see that and I realize just how unhealthy that was.

B.R.Maul: 26:03

Sure, I may have been reading God’s Word, and when I first started, 15 minutes, maybe 20 minutes, a half an hour, was like a huge stretch for years, thinking this is really difficult to understand, and I found that I was still looking forward to just once. I’m done with this, I want to make sure I have time to watch my programming. And do you see how ridiculous that was for me to keep doing that? Because, great, I would do one thing right read God’s word but then I’d turn right around and have a much bigger dose of what the world has to offer and I’d be laughing at these sitcoms that were mocking what God made, mocking love, totally giving the wrong impression to teenagers about relationships, making marriage look just ridiculous or even obsolete. It’s horrible and things have only gotten worse. Things are not getting better.

B.R.Maul: 27:04

Same thing with music. A lot of the music I used to listen to. I listened to it and now I’m more in tune to the words and not just the rhythm or the melody, and I’m really surprised at myself. I think, wow, you know, of course this was perverting my idea of love and relationships. I mean, I don’t know the percentage beloved of how many songs are about love, but it must be a high percentage.

B.R.Maul: 27:31

When I listen to music that I used to listen to some of the oldies and I think, wow, it’s almost all just about heartache, leaving somebody and it was all about life is over. This person I loved and now he or she doesn’t love me, and it’s all the rotation right around the lusts of this world. Are you catching on to some of the ways, then, that we can get around the lust of the eyes? In Proverbs, we’re told I shall place no wicked thing before my eyes. I hate the work of those that turn aside. It shall not cleave to me. Well, we do that by not placing it before our eyes. If you are watching movies that are perverting God’s way, of course, the obvious pornography, rated R, movies that are just high in sexuality and violence. But you know what? There’s a whole lot out there that even the world considers PG and PG-13.

B.R.Maul: 28:35

They use the Lord’s name in vain, like it’s nothing, because to them it is nothing, it doesn’t mean anything. Or they continue to promote sarcasm, which is something you need to keep out of your Christian homes. Sarcasm is not good, sarcasm is of the world. I’m going to sound cool, I’m going to sound. Here’s my one-liners. Boy am I so witty. Realize that sarcasm. That would be the pride of life. It is about me. Look at me. I want attention. Look how witty I am, and I can speak a long time about that. Because growing up in a family that was loaded with it, boy did I get good at it. We had a ton of one-liners in my family and around my friends. It was hard for us to actually have a conversation with any value to it because we were so busy either bashing one another or just talking and bashing other people. We weren’t really getting any positive fruit. We weren’t really truly doing a lot of good for ourselves.

B.R.Maul: 29:31

And verse 17,. And the world is passing away and the lust of it. But he who does the will of God abides forever. Well, that’s actually reassuring. And the world is passing away and the lusts of it. This should be enough for any Christian to do a double take that is caught up in the things of this world. Because this world is passing away and all the lusts that are in it lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. It’s all going to burn and the day is marked. Of course, only God, the Father, knows, but there is a day so the days are all numbered, it’s marked on the heavenly calendar when all will burn and everything heaven and earth will be new, it’ll be clean and we won’t be dealing with this anymore. So it is best, then, if we stay away from the things of this world.

B.R.Maul: 30:34

Enjoy your food, yes, but don’t make your day all about what you’re going to eat next. Certainly, enjoy your relationships, love those the Lord has put into your life, but do not make your life rotate around them, because we are to love the Lord, our God, with all of our heart, mind and soul. We are not told to love others, or even ourselves, with all of our heart and soul and might. No, we are to love others as ourself, and we are not to love ourself as much as we love God, not to love ourselves as much as we love God. So the very blessings that the Lord has bestowed in your life can become the things of this world. We want to take care of our bodies. It is, after all, the temple of the Lord.

B.R.Maul: 31:23

Now the Holy Spirit dwells in us, but does that mean now that we are going to be radical about what we look like, what kind of attention we can get with our looks and our appearance. Are we going to worry about that as we get old and we start losing hair or getting hair in places we don’t want? No, because the love of the Father is in us and we can love what the Lord has given us to enjoy Love the home that he has given us, love the food that he provides for us and just enjoy the creation as it is, even with it being tainted by sin. John does a good job at laying things out. This is what we do and what we don’t do.

B.R.Maul: 32:08

As Christians and beloved, you have the ability, as a born-again believer, to overcome temptation, and temptations will continue to come and from time to time, yes, you are going to mess up, you are going to take your eyes off the Lord and you’re going to sin and, as fast as possible, you do a 180, you repent and continue following Jesus, and many of those temptations will be overcome because we are not slave to them anymore. Unfortunately, for all the souls out there that do not have Jesus Christ as their Savior, who do not have the Holy Spirit dwelling in them, yes, they are indeed slave to their desires, to their lusts. They have to fulfill them, they may be able to break away from them a little bit. But for those who are in and of this world and love this world and are indulging in their sins over and over, when these things leave them empty, when that relationship that they thought for sure that he or she was the answer to all of my prayers was going to change everything, then look it, they leave me, they divorce me, they cheat on me, or eating food. Suddenly a person gains all kinds of weight and with that weight becomes health issues, trying to make money. How many people are working two jobs, some three jobs, and the main focus for so many Americans is making money, trying to get that pension, trying to get that savings account, those investments built higher and higher and the things that we will give up in America to obtain that. And it’s a false sense of security because then we start to put our faith and our trust in our money and instead of Jesus. But life sure is different, beloved. Life is so different when we do not have the love of this world in us.

B.R.Maul: 34:11

And if you’re a brother or sister in Christ, and if you can relate to me the frustrations that go with just not wanting to do what you used to do, but then those around you still want to do it. Well, get a hold of me. Share that with me, because that sure would be encouragement I love to hear from my brothers and sisters. As I mentioned in the beginning of this show, there is a link that you can click on. It says send me a text, do that, and even if you don’t, leave your email so I can return to you. It sure is good just to bless me with what you are going through. But you can also use that link to send me a question and if you want me to respond directly to you in that text, just leave me the email that you want to text and I’ll email you back. The texting is set up as a one-way, like a radio. You can contact me through that. I can’t contact you and I do not share the emails that people send me. I don’t care about selling information None of that interests me at all but I am interested in hearing from you.

B.R.Maul: 35:20

Continue to read God’s Word. He will continue to speak to you. He will continue to sanctify you beloved. Pray to Him every single day. All of our relationships that are near and dear to us. We make sure we communicate daily. Get with brothers and sisters in Christ. Start doing away with worldly things that are perverting what you are learning in God’s word and trying so hard to get a grapple on your life. The world, through your heart and through Satan, is going to do everything possible to take you away. They can’t take your salvation, but they can take you away from your Heavenly Father, where you do Him no good for the kingdom and he will not be able to bless you. So get with brothers and sisters every week, lift each other up, confess your faults, talk about things, in other words, that are bothering you, and then pray for one another and then worship him. Love God.

And until next time,

God bless.

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