A Life of Luxury is No Life

Throughout history there have been rich people who are not content with just their wealth. They crave power! They need power! And they will stop at nothing to get it. These are rich oppressors. They see themselves as elite humans, even demigods. Little do these poor souls know, their short life of luxury on this side of the grave may cost them an eternity in hell.

Podcast 52 Transcript

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Hello and good day. Good to have you with me. I am B. R. Maul, and you are listening to the podcast, Living God’s Way in an Ungodly World. Yes, indeed, we are living in an ungodly world. We only need to read the headlines, look around us, hear other people’s conversations, listen to their ill wills, and lo and behold, we are living in a world that wants nothing to do with God, and a growing anger towards those who are his followers.

There are many different news happenings that I would love to touch upon, but I do not have the time and, well, to be honest with you, I don’t even have some patience with the absurdities that are going on in the world today. Look around you for those who are born again, my brothers and sisters.

I do hope that you are active in pointing out the acts of evil, the acts of wickedness that are happening in your community, because without a doubt it is happening. To what extent? Of course, that is different depending on where you live on this globe and what kind of community that you live in, but it’s happening nonetheless. And we cannot turn and ignore it. Because what will happen is when we turn back around to see what’s going on, you’ll realize it’s right there upon you.

I am going to be reading from the book of James, and this will be James chapter 5, verses 1 through 6. So a couple more sessions and we’ll be done with the book of James. However, there are other issues that I want to discuss in the coming weeks. For those of you who have been following the podcast regularly, uh, I do apologize for in the last three weeks, have not had a publication. I do intend to have about 48 to 50 podcasts a year, which means just a couple of times in the year that I actually take a week off, but other than that, my goal is weekly.

My website has been cleaned up. That is the reason I was unable to publish at that time. So I’ll be keeping up. It is so good to be back. In today’s reading with James, we are looking at rich oppressors and of course the fact they will be judged. This sure is a reflection of often what we are seeing in today’s world as the globalists continue to push the agenda that the common person needs to be ruled over the elite class, a class that see themselves better than other people.

It’s almost like they see themselves as like a small god. It really does because they often live a life throwing out these rules. And I say rules because they’re not even laws. They pass them off as laws, but they’re not even lawful. So in the end, it only applies oftentimes to just everyone else. So it doesn’t apply to the elites. It only applies to those who they look down upon, and it’s becoming more evident. The scary thing is, they’re not even holding back anymore. If you’re in America, well, I guess worldwide, but especially in America, if you’re listening or watching CNN and MSNBC and these other networks that are owned by the globalist, and they are, they are owned by the globalist, you’re getting their narrative. You are soaking it in. You are drinking in their lies. You’re believing things, such as the environment will be better if we can get rid of more cattle. If the average human being that is a.k.a those not in the elite class will start eating bugs. And we start using vehicles that are powered by batteries because it costs a lot of money, and they make a ton of money, all under the guise of the environment. I’ve said this before, the environment is their god. And as Christians, we must stay clear of that. Because the environment is only part of the creation. And we don’t bow to the creation. God put us on earth to take care of the creation.

Now that’s a whole other story because obviously people don’t rule the earth. Satan does. But that’s because Adam fell for the lie and there we have it. But that’s not the message for today. The message for today is a warning against rich oppressors. And beloved, be careful if you are a Christian that has come upon a great sum of money.

The Lord certainly does expect us to handle our money, no matter if it’s a lot or a little, as nothing more than a tool. To do His works, to glorify Him as we do with all of our possessions, not just our money and with all of our skills and with all of our time. Just be cautious when you do come across a large sums of money because it is easy for a born again believer to backslide, and I think you’ll see that in today’s message.

So moving along, James chapter five, verse one through six, here’s the reading. Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries that are coming upon you. Your riches are corrupted and your garments. are moth eaten. Your gold and silver are corroded and their corrosion will be a witness against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have heaped up treasure in the last days. Indeed, the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields Which you kept back by fraud, cry out. And the cries of the reapers have reached the ears of the Lord of Sabbath. You have lived on earth in pleasure and luxury. You have fattened your hearts as in a day of slaughter. You have condemned, you have murdered the just. He does not resist you.

Heavenly Father, I ask you to guide my tongue and help me, Lord, to stay any thoughts that project anything that is not of your word. I pray, Lord, that those who are listening, that you open their hearts. You soften their hearts, help all of us to overcome pride or anything else, uncertainties that may be in our way, Lord, of hearing the message that you have for us. And I pray this in the name of your son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

So James spells it all pretty clear. And money is a big thing, isn’t it? Jesus talks a lot about money. And unfortunately, it often does seem to be what begins the process of falling away from one’s faith, or backsliding, or keeping one completely from being born again. So very dangerous. So, let’s break this down. Verse 1 in chapter 5, Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries that are coming upon you. Now, come on, that should open anyone’s eyes after hearing that. Come now, you rich, weep and howl for the miseries that are coming upon you. Okay, James isn’t talking about, necessarily, the miseries that are upon the rich right here and now.

Now, we know, anybody who is wise to God’s Word, we know that money isn’t going to make you live forever. Money cannot buy anyone into heaven. Money isn’t going to take away pain that we encounter in this lifetime. Now, like anybody, whether you’re wealthy or not, you can cover up pain. There’s drugs. There’s alcohol. There’s a lot of things that we can do to emotionally, mentally, or physically escape the reality of the pain that we are in. And of course, those who are not born again, who are of this world will look to the world to whatever ways that it can cover up such pain, such misery. But it doesn’t matter how much money a person has. They’re still going to have pain and suffering. So they have more resources to try to cover it up. It doesn’t matter. You can put as many band aids as you want on a cut, but there’s only so much you can do. I mean, what’s the difference if you put one band aid on, or if you put ten stacked on top of each other?

In many cases, there’s not a whole lot more a person can do. And especially if you are one of this world. If you are not born again. To go a little further, he says in verse two, your riches are corrupted. And your garments are moth eaten. This makes me think, when Jesus mentions, where our treasure is, there our heart is. And we are not to put, as followers of Christ, our heart into riches of this world. And he specifically mentions where moth can get into, where a thief can get into. Because we can easily lose anything that we have here. The reason these particular riches that James is referring to are corrupt, because he’s specifically talking to oppressors, rich oppressors. Those people who are taking advantage of the lesser. And that’s why I bring up the globalists in today’s world. Because they fit the bill precisely. The image that I think about when I read this. People who have so much money, so much resources that they see themselves as a small god. They see themselves as a higher level type person, much like the Nazis. Seeing themselves as a better hybrid or whatever it is. I don’t know the details there that they actually go into because there’s nothing that actually backs up this notion that there are humans that are of a better race than other humans. It’s absurd. It’s ridiculous. There’s one human race and that’s human, but these elites, they would completely disagree with me.

But mind you, God does not see how much money is in our banking account. And of course, when I mean He doesn’t see it, obviously He sees it. But He doesn’t recognize it. Perhaps that’s a better term to use. He doesn’t recognize it. It means nothing to Him. How much money, how much stocks, how much land we own, how many vehicles we have. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t even matter how brilliant we may think that we are, how many books we have written, how many businesses we have started up, how successful we are. Nope. Again, doesn’t mean anything to Him. And yet, the elites in this world, the globalists of this world, they truly do think they are better.

And that should be a scary thought, but the reason I see it as kind of scary is because, you know what, it is easy to come across large amounts of money these days, and as a Christian, be mindful of that, we don’t ever want to be secure in the tools that God has given us, we need to remain secure in God Himself, knowing that under any circumstances, whether we have an abundance or we have the lack thereof, that he will take care of us.

Verse three, your gold and silver are corroded and their corrosion will be a witness against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have heaped up treasure in the last days. You have heaped up treasure in the last days.

I don’t know why it is so easy for Satan to pull the wool over so many people’s eyes. Well, I guess the human heart, after all, is what it is, deceitful and desperately wicked. Perhaps we are so wanting to be able to know that we are in control right now. We don’t want to wait for eternity. Talking to a friend of mine, talking about heaven and eternity, really, it’s a small thing that Jesus asks us to do as His followers is to give our life here and now to Him. Once a person dies physically, well, that’s it. It has been determined whether they’re born again or not, because if they’re not born again, well, then they don’t have a spirit that’s alive to go to heaven. They’re still spiritually dead and so they’ll remain that way for eternity and burning in eternal fire. And yet for those who are born again, or spiritually born, well then, and only then, are we able to enter eternity in the presence of God Almighty. But we are so easily captivated in the riches of this world. So think about this with me a little bit.

Kind of chew on this because time here is compared to vapor. James told us earlier in chapter 4, what is your life? It is but a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. And you think of that vapor. That image seems to fit because you know, whether it’s breathing in cold air and there’s the vapor, the heat of the mouth and this vapor comes out into the cold air. And for a short time, just a short time, it sticks around just long enough where it even starts to expand and starts to grow a little bit. But then that small amount of heated breath is quickly consumed by the cold and suddenly is vanished and becomes part of nothingness. It’s quite remarkable.

And Jesus explains to us that, you know what, if we’re going to hang on to this little tiny breath of life that we have in comparison to eternity, if we’re going to hold on to that and we’re going to try to make everything possible we can out of it, well, then you better enjoy it. Because He says if you’re going to try to keep your life now, well, then you’re going to lose it. And He’s referring to eternity. That’s where you’re going to lose it, in eternity. Whereas if we lose our life, we give our life, in other words, to Him for His glory, for the Gospel message. He acknowledges, yes, you lose your life here. So if you’re willing to lose your life here, but then you gain it for all eternity.

To me, it seems very obvious. A person shouldn’t have to think about, Hmm, you know, what should I do? Should I, should I have fun? I mean, it’s not even a very good example, but it just pops into my mind. It’s like a child living at home and the parent says, okay, I tell you what you choose. You can either for the next 15 minutes play whatever game or watch whatever you want for the next 15 minutes, but then after that. For the rest of the month, you’re going to only do what I tell you to do. And I know that’s a horrible example because that doesn’t even compare to eternity, this 15 minutes to an entire month or even a year, maybe. I don’t even know how to use that in this example. But in other words, have your fun now, yes, I want to have this 15 minutes right now, and then you can have the rest of the time.

You know, versus the parent telling the child, or for the next 15 minutes, I want you to do some work that I have for you to do. And once you’re done, then the time will be yours and you’ll be able to enjoy so much more. It’s just this example I’m trying to grasp that it’s, it’s just here and now, this, this very moment, I mean, because our life here isn’t very long. So to give up any possibility of climbing the corporate ladder or being famous or, Just doing what a person wants to do not wanting to worship the Lord. I just want to do my thing I mean none of it. I can’t think of one thing that would be worth it. But the rich who choose that lifestyle and it doesn’t even have to be the rich I understand that because a poor person without money can still covet money and be ruined by money. But in this situation, we’re talking about rich oppressors, those who are cheating other people, they are heaping up treasures here and now.

And I like how he says in the last days. Because this is it. This is the last days. Once we die, we can’t do anything else. We can’t turn around and say, I’m sorry. I guess I do want to believe in you, Jesus. I do believe in the blood. I want to repent. No, too late. Now is the time. Now is the hour. Time is ticking. We are running out of time. Think about that. Time has a beginning. God even told us that. He created time. And, that’s why it’s referred to as the end of time. God existed before time in eternity. He creates time, and his creation is in time. To go through this story of his, this plan, I should say. A better word, to weave out those who love him, so he will forever have his family in eternity when he ends that time.

Verse four, Indeed, the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields which you kept back by fraud, cry out, and the cries of the reapers have reached the ears of the Lord of Sabbath. So, this is pointing to rich oppressors. These are people taking complete advantage of those who don’t have the power. And in modern times, I see that on a regular basis because in America we have the wealthy, we have the rich, not only of course attacking each other, I won’t even get into that, but continuously attacking those who can’t defend themselves. They don’t have the money available as these others do. Whether they have the power of the government and they’re misusing this power, or they have their own financial backing because they’re multi-millionaires or billionaires, or a combination, it doesn’t matter. But these people that they are picking on and throwing into jail because they don’t have the right defensive lawyers is happening.

They are oppressing the poor. And even those of us who may live a comfortable life can still be considered poor compared to the rich, the elite. He goes on to say in verse 5, you have lived on the earth in pleasure and luxury. You have fattened your hearts as in a day of slaughter. And really that’s because of their wealth. They have accumulated so much. It’s going to make the day all the more painful because they have taken so much from others. They have purposely sinned against God by not obeying his commands. And we’re looking at basically Jesus making it very simple. We are told to love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your might. And then to love your neighbor as yourself. Love. These rich oppressors. These who are wanting more and more and more and more. Just continue to take and take and take. and really don’t care about those who are suffering, who are dying, who are pleading for help, whether it’s because they don’t have money for proper medicine and medical care, or right down to not enough money for shelter and food, because the elite don’t want to deal with it.

They want to control the food supply in the world. They want to control the banking. That’s why they want digital currency. They want to be able to take their share out of whatever it may be. Whether they’re in government or they’re just huge corporations, that they want more, more, and more. Verse 6, you have condemned, you have murdered the just, he does not resist you. Another version, I think it’s the NIV version, says you have murdered he who does not resist you. So that might be another way of understanding that, whether it’s because they can’t, or they just don’t have the will in them to fight. In this world, if you’re not willing to fight back. evil with evil, it seems quite often that the losing party gets devoured because they’re not willing to lie.

They’re not willing to try to do something to wrong those because they know ultimately I am sinning against God. And so they don’t do it. But those who are unlawful, those who are evil, those are who are wicked, have no problem lying. They have no problem just taking what’s not theirs. Saying that it is theirs and pushing the little person down and just saying, “Tough luck! What are you going to do about it?” Well, this is a reminder because in James that what’s going to happen is yes, they have this huge price to pay. Next time that we get into James chapter five and we start on verse seven, then James actually turns around and he starts to address those who are indeed being taken advantage of.

And part of that is being patient for the Lord. It is not for us to get revenge. We’re not the judges. But more on that next time. Some other passages in God’s Word then that focuses on this, this greed, the power that money has over people. In 1st Timothy 6:6, Now godliness with contentment is great gain, for we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. And having food and clothing, with these we shall be content. I share that with you because with all this talk of wanting more, wanting more, greed, greed. When we stay focused on our Lord Jesus, the two ingredients is godliness with contentment, is great gain, because a person is so happy with what they got.

They are happy with what the Lord has given them, whatever provisions they have. And even with that, since we brought nothing into this world, and if we have food to eat and clothing, so we can stay warm, right? With these, we shall be content. There’s no attachment to retirement plans. There’s no attachment to having a nice big house, none of that. And I know that, sure, there’s many who enjoy having those things, but the problem with that is how many people are you aware of that their life is dedicated to their retirement? Their life is dedicated to building more finances, more success, more well, whatever. Fill in the blank. See, that’s the problem. No more contentment at that point. Right after that, verse nine, first Timothy six, but those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare and into Many foolish and harmful lusts which drown men in destruction and perdition. Did you catch that? It’s that richness, it is that money that brings that temptation. Why? Because now that money, having a lot more of it, opens up these other doors that one couldn’t open before because they didn’t have the finances, you see, so now suddenly there’s so much more access, there’s more things available to purchase, more people are willing to listen to you because you have a lot of money, and that’s why we can fall into temptation and a snare.

And into many foolish and harmful lusts fall right into it thinking, Oh, it’s not a problem. No big deal. And then boom, next thing you know, you’re there. It wasn’t a small progression here and there over a long time. Nope. Fall right into it. Verse 10 for the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Doesn’t really make money sound like a lot of fun, does it? As a born again believer that, if anything, should make you hesitate. Are you really going to take this position or this job just because it makes a lot of money? If that’s your reason for work, beloved, I’ll flat out say it. Reconsider what you’re doing.

Make sure that you are good with the Lord. Make sure you are doing His will. If whatever you are doing in life was the first and foremost decision was it makes a good living, reconsider. It has nothing to do with your salvation. I’ve said this in past episodes, and I’ll continue to say it. If you are born again, you cannot lose your salvation. But, you can lose all blessings on this side of the grave. The most miserable person is not a unbeliever, because they don’t know what they’re missing out on. They’re actually, in some ways, enjoying their sin, but they don’t have the Holy Spirit tugging at them. No, no, no. The most miserable person is a born again believer who is trying so hard to fit into the world. They are giving their life to their retirement. They are giving their life to comfort on this side of the earth. They are giving their life so they’ll know that A false notion, I should say, because they don’t know that things will be okay tomorrow because I got a ton of money. I got a retirement plan or whatever it might be.

It’s all a waste. It is all in the vapor. That is, appears for a little time and then vanishes away. In Luke chapter 6 verse 24, Jesus is speaking and he says, But woe to you who are rich, for you have received your consolation. Ugh. Verse 25. Woe to you who are full, for you shall hunger. Woe to you who laugh now, for you shall mourn and weep.

Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for so did their fathers to the false prophets. Ouch, ouch, and ouch. Beloved. To my born again brothers and sisters. I love you so much. Please pay attention to this when the maker of the universe, when the word of God says, woe to you, that’s not good. That should make you do a double take. That should make you back up and say, what was that? Because woe to you who are rich, you’ve already received your reward. That’s what he’s saying. You’ve received it already. You will receive nothing in eternity. You are receiving it here and now. And woe to you who are full, for you shall hunger. Full. Now he’s not talking spiritually full. He’s not saying that, hey, you’re good to go. You got all this wisdom. Nope. You, he’s saying woe to you who are full of things of this world, so full that the person does not have the time. They think they don’t have the time. They don’t want to make the time for God, for Christ. They are so full in this world, for you shall hunger.

Yep, and that’s going to be in eternity. And that’s going to be a pretty awful hunger. Woe to you who laugh now. Alright, you’re out there having just a good time in life. Life is a big party. Life is a big Budweiser commercial. And it’s all about every weekend. What can we do that’s fun? What’s the next thing to make me feel good? We just want to laugh and have a good time. Doesn’t matter what’s going on down the road. Doesn’t matter if there’s someone who is poor and needs help. Doesn’t matter if there are people being abused. Not at all, as long as I’m having fun. He says, woe to you who laugh now, for you shall mourn and weep. And again, that’s in eternity.

A person can think I’m going to just party hardy, and then yep, I’ll just party with my friends in hell. Oh, my heart goes out. That is not at all what the Bible says. Hell is not going to be a place to just party. No. Hell is a place for eternity. A person is going to pay back for all their sin, but the problem is they can never pay enough. Just like the animal sacrifices was never enough. Verse 26 Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for so did their fathers to the false prophets. Man, don’t, don’t even waste your time trying to get a huge following on Facebook or Twitter or, you know, whatever it might be. If you’re an actor or an actress, if you’re a musician, you’re an author, your primary goal as a Christian should not and better not be that people just love you so much because the people of this world love you, beloved.

You really need to reconsider your walk with the Lord. Again, it’s got nothing to do with your salvation. Get a hold of me. We can talk more about that. I can show you verse after verse. You’re not going to lose your salvation if you are born again. If you are born again. And that is born again the Bible way, by the way. Not born again the way you want to be born again. Or, or what people say is born again. Or that baptism is being born again. Alright, there’s so much, uh, false information there. False doctrine that it’s, it’s just horrendous. My heart goes out to you if you are indeed being misled by spiritual leaders in some denomination or some cult that is saying you’re good to go. You only have to just do what you’re doing and you’ll get into heaven because there is nothing. There’s absolutely nothing you can do to get into heaven. It is only the blood of Christ. And of course that is repenting, believing the blood of Christ, and then turning to God. So, with this discussion on the rich and having a lot of money, please hear me.

Money itself is not bad. Having money, then, isn’t bad because that in and of itself isn’t sinful. Money is just a tool. It’s the love of money, just like food. Having food isn’t bad, but if you live to eat, that’s sinful. Or being in love. Having love isn’t a bad thing. But living for love and holding that as your God or goddess, that’s a bad thing.

And Jesus is just making it very clear that when it comes to money. It’s ultimately one of those things, the more you have of it, the more the temptation. That’s what he’s saying, because it’s the love of money that is the root of all kinds of evil. And it’s easy to love money because a person loves what they feel they can get with that money and often what they can get.

But even in Proverbs, we’re told over and over that the rich, they think their money is this big tower of safety. Let’s see, it’s an allusion. But I want to end then with this in Matthew 6:24. It’s one that many people have memorized. And once again, Jesus is speaking. No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other. Or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. It’s those last six words I want to focus on. You cannot serve God and mammon. Mammon is wealth or possessions. Ultimately money. Because that’s what money gets, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be, like, dollar bills.

Whatever access that you get because of that mammon that gets you whatever you want, okay? He makes it very clear that you cannot serve God and money. You can’t. Beloved, we can’t make it work. We can’t go on in this life of ours, this, this little vapor, doing everything we can to obtain the comforts that we see and get with obtaining money.

If we are spending our time working and working so we can put money away for our retirement, and we’re spending so much time collecting and gathering so someday we’re going to feel more secure. And yes, we can write it off in our own hearts saying, but you know, it’s not just for me. I want to leave behind something for my kids and my grandkids.

If you focus on what the Lord wants you to do, if you are in His will, well then He will provide all that you need. And that very well could be money or real estate or other items that a person can pass on down to the next generation. That would be great. But that’s only if it comes secondary to what Jesus is saying that he wants your life, that if you lose your life here and now and build up your treasures in heaven, well, sure, in that process, you very well easily could leave money for your kids or grandkids.

But how many, beloved, are truly doing that versus those who, if they were honest, they want to use whatever time and health they have left to accumulate as much as possible so they feel safer. And it’s not doing God’s will. It’s not loving your neighbor as yourself. It’s not taking the time to reach out to other people. How many neighbors do you have who their path is going straight to hell? And you may be born again and you know it! But you’re not taking the time to go visit them. Why? Because you’re too busy. You’ve got a job to do. There’s just too much going on in life. You got bills to pay. How many relatives do you know?

How many people, your friends, people that are around you that they don’t know Jesus the way you do. They’re not born again. They don’t have the security of when their vapor vanishes to enter eternity in the presence of God. And so even if you’re born again, these are questions that you’re going to have to answer someday.

Not in the white throne of judgment. No. The white throne is set aside for the unbelievers. No, it’ll be when you’re looking face to face with Jesus, your Savior. We are going to answer because there will be a fire that burns and everything that is just of this world, the stuff that we wasted, the time, the energy that we wasted just to have fun and to try to just keep ourselves safe, like the servant that just buried the coin because he was afraid of his master.

Yeah, all that’s going to burn in that fire. But all the things that you do that is good, all the things that you do for the glory of God, for the kingdom of God, for your brother, Jesus Christ, for your king and savior, Jesus Christ, who is the Lord of lords and king of kings. Everything you do for Him, that will be kept in eternity.

What that looks like, I don’t know what that looks like. I just know that’s what it says. And time is ticking, beloved. Time is ticking away. The day can be any day. The rapture can be any day. Do you really want to spend whatever time you have left of that vapor, that little vapor that’s yours, that will soon vanish?

Do you really want to do things of this world and try to please people of this world who want nothing to do with God? In this ungodly world, we as Christians need to live God’s way. I welcome you to contact me, go to my website, that’s brmaul.com. There’s also a place if you want to mail me, if you want to write a letter, or questions, whatever it might be, that you can mail as well.

There’s a P. O. box, that you just go to the page of sponsors. I’d love to hear from anybody, brothers or sisters, or even those who are seeking the Lord Jesus. I’m happy to visit with you. So make sure you stay in God’s Word. Why? Because, remember, walking with our Lord is the most important thing, and He communicates to us through His Word.

For us to know Him better, for us to know His will for us, we read His word, and I say, beloved, read it every day. You know, even if it’s 15-20 minutes, but do it daily. Carve out that time. And believe me, the more you do that, the more you’re going to thirst for the truth. You’re going to thirst for the living water.

Pray to him every day. Prayer is our way of listening and talking to him directly and come together with other brothers and sisters in the faith. Those who are born again must not keep to yourself. He says that we must come together. We must not forsake the assembly, which, yes, that can mean going to a Bible, uh, teaching church, but in today’s time, I’m not encouraging people just to go to any church, because so many churches are steeped in their own denominational rules, their own doctrine, which they have written. And so if anything, be cautious, but if you find a Bible teaching and preaching church with born again believers and a born again believer as the spiritual leader, the pastor, well then stick with it. But if it’s not born again believers, it’d be better not to go to an assembly of such kind.

Because on a regular basis, we need to assemble together, brothers and sisters in the faith. Yes, we reach out to those who are not born again. Okay. But in other words, to support ourselves, we come together, we read the word together, we pray together, and we just communicate. We share each other’s hurts and we share each other’s successes in life and we move on together.

I look forward to seeing you again. So until next time,

God bless.


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