In God We Trust…Not Man

In our world today there is much fear…and for good reasons! The global elites are doing everything they can to take over the world…literally! As children of God we need not fear any person! We do what Jesus told us to do… spread hope!

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Hello and good day. I am B.R.Maul and you are listening to the podcast Living God’s Way In An Ungodly World. Welcome, it’s good to have you here with me.

I am going to revisit the topic of fear. Why is that? Because it’s all over in our headlines today. It’s in the voice of so many people that I speak to. It is in the air. And the enemy, Satan himself, is working overtime to drive fear into the very heart of God’s children and to use fear to keep those who do not know Jesus Christ as far away from Jesus as he can keep them. Many people in the world today are aware of the fact that there are globalists that seem to be doing everything possible in the mass media news outlets, those tech giants who control the internet, Facebook, Google, Twitter, well, which is now X, I guess that’s Elon Musk. That’s a whole other story. They are doing everything possible to make the conservative movement much harder by moving information around. Making it more difficult to find information on their movements. And I say conservative because that’s still the blanket statement that is being used. But ultimately in time, I have no doubt because it’s already changing in some areas that instead of conservatives, it will be Christians. So our messages are getting harder and harder to find on the Internet.

And so if you are listening to this podcast, I ask that you pass this along, and even if it’s not this particular message, pass the podcast along. The website is located at, that’s My last name is spelled MAUL as into maim or to Destroy. If you’re a Star Wars fan, Darth Maul, M a u l, or the Noun, a 20 pound hammer. Hopefully that’ll help you remember the website, Please get this podcast out so others can listen to the messages that over the last half a year I have been broadcasting.

So with that said, I’m addressing fear because in the United States there’s already talk about lockdowns coming up in a couple of weeks in September, maybe even more in October.

Apparently our government is so sophisticated, so brilliant, so awesome that they are able to predict when a pandemic is going to arrive. It just amazes me. I mean, these people who have proved to be very immoral, very careless with other people’s lives, other people’s money, suddenly have this ability to predict things such as pandemics.

It’s a farce, and they’re ready to do whatever they can to lock down America. And I know there’s others of you around the world who are already going through this again. And it’s a fight. It is a fight, beloved. And I call on all my brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ, to stand up, to stand tall, to be strong, to lean against our Lord.

Pray to him, read his word and let him guide you in what he is doing because our Lord is indeed doing magnificent things and we know that ultimately. His plan ends all in his favor and not our enemies at the same time. We’re not to get cozy, sit back and just think, well, it’s okay. I’m going to heaven. I’m born again, so I have nothing to worry about because no, Jesus did say, get out to all nations, get people the gospel. Let people hear my name and let all make that decision whether they want to follow Jesus Christ or they do not. That is our mission. So when it comes to fear, that’s exactly what this global economy, or not economy, I’m sorry, the global government, this global movement with the W H O and the World Economic Forum and NATO.

All of this is eventually going to come to a head, and the only reason I say that is because it sure does seem to be filling in the spots that Jesus mentioned in Matthew. And there’s other places and revelation that tell us these things. Unfortunately, the globalist will continue to do more damage and to win many battles, many fronts.

At the same time, I could say it’s fortunate that the world continues to unravel to decay even faster, because that just means we’re getting closer and closer to the second coming of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and for those of us who are born again, that is wonderful. That is amazing, and it can’t happen fast enough.

Come, Lord Jesus, come. I’m already. But my heart pours out for those who are not. Today, I’m speaking directly to my brethren. That’s my brothers and sisters in Christ. As I talk about fear, there’s some passages that I’m going to read and discuss starting with Psalm 27: 1-2. And yes, these are ones that, well, most of them that I have spoke about.

More in depth in my four week miniseries on fear that I had labeled, Fear Is God’s Tool, But the World’s Weapon. Psalm 27, verse one and two. So, Psalm of David, the Lord is my light and my salvation. Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life. Of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked came against me to eat up my flesh, my enemies and foes, they stumbled and fell.

Let’s take a look at that because the Lord he points out is his light, our light beloved, and he is our salvation. We look to our Lord for guidance in this great darkness. His light shines is a beacon of hope and that hope is one that we look to. It’s a hope that we know that we can trust, that we know will come true.

And yes, as born again believers, he is our salvation. So the question that follows, whom shall I Fear, should be an obvious one to go ahead and answer because it’s nobody, we don’t have to fear anyone, and we’ll talk more about why, but even these right here, the fact that the Lord is our light and he is our salvation, it is Christ himself.

We look to Him for that guidance, that we stay connected to, that we pray to, that we turn to with all of our needs, all of our fears, and he takes care of us. Now, David also says, the Lord is the strength of my life. Of whom shall I be afraid? The strength of our life. I believe it’s Psalm 28:7. The Lord is my strength and my shield. My heart trusted in him and I am helped. Our strength, he is our strength, our physical strength as well. Spiritual strength, indeed, as in Psalm 23, we are told. He restores my soul so spiritually, he is our strength and he is mighty in our strength. But beloved call on him for physical strength as well, and he will give that to you.

He will give you the strength that is needed to do the work that he has given you each and every day, and that is why David asked, of whom shall I be afraid? And he points out in verse two when the wicked came against me to eat up my flesh. Now, that’s pretty horrible to devour him, to rip him apart. He points out that his enemies and his foes, they stumbled and fell in life.

We can quickly write off incidences as a coincidence. Well, that just happened because you know, oh, you were lucky. There are no coincidences. And the reason there’s no coincidences because God is a sovereign God and because he’s sovereign, he doesn’t have to think twice, and things don’t happen by mistake, which means if things don’t happen by mistake, everything has a purpose.

There is a reason stuff happens. That does not mean he is a God standing far away and playing us like puppets. Not at all because he has given us free will. We have choices to make, but because he is sovereign, our choices are not going to throw him off. Does that make sense? So when David’s enemies stumbled and fell, they came to their own demise.

They had troubles in situations, perhaps tracking him, they had troubles fighting him. They, whatever it is, they failed and failed. It was because God was protecting David. Just like he does today, he protects his children. Go to Psalm one 18, Psalm 118 verses six, eight, and nine. The Lord is on my side. I will not fear what can man do to me.

It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. It is better to trust in the Lord. Then to put confidence in princes. All right, let’s break that down. So again, it’s pointed out that the Lord is on my side and instead of a question, this time, it’s a statement I will not fear. Why? Because the Lord is on my side.

Then the question arises, what can man do to me? Think about that. Really take the moment and think about that. Because when we get to a point where we are afraid, we are afraid of what can be done to us, what can be taken from us, and the results of those. So what can man do to me? There are things that men, mankind, evil people, can do to God’s children.

So it’s not saying that. People can do nothing because people can cause physical hurt. They can torture, they can cut slash shoot hit, do all kinds of stuff to cause physical pain, but that also means that the most they can do that end one’s life. I have been trying to stop saying, take one’s life away, because that’s not accurate.

No one can take a life away. God made everybody saved and unsaved to live for eternity. Our souls cannot be destroyed, so no one can take my life away and I cannot take someone else’s life away. But we can end one’s life more on that in a minute. Verse eight. It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.

Nine. It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes. Only two different nouns there, man. And princes. Why is that? Well, princes is another way of saying rulers. These days we have a lot. because rulers, they’re not necessarily like a king or an actual prince or prince says, but they are people of power, people of great wealth, and many of them are in positions of ruling over a nation, governing a nation.

But many of those in power, you take Bill Gates for example, or Soros, they’re not elected officials. They are not royalty. But they have a lot of money. They have a lot of resources, which gives them a lot of temporal power, and we are to not put our confidence in them. Now myself, I would never put my confidence in Bill Gates or Soros or any others who their money continues to do awful things to people, but that also points out to even those who do good.

Who are doing everything they can to do the right thing with their power, with their resources. And there are those who are doing that, but we are not to put our confidence in them because that confidence that trust belongs solely to the Lord. because any good thing that’s going to come our way and to happen is through the Lord.

He very well uses other people in our lives, other situations to do good, and that could be a person who is a person of power and they do good, but we don’t trust in that. We don’t wait for that person to come along to fix everything. And I’ll say it out loud, Donald J. Trump is a wonderful example of that.

I’m not shy to say at all that I believe that the Lord has worked through Donald Trump to unmask the evil that has been going on in the United States to rip open that curtain so we can see all the filthiness that many have suspected over the years, but didn’t know it was as deep and as filthy as it is.

And I certainly do hope that Trump gets back into office in the United States to fight this evil, to fight these lies. These people who are living unjustly, they are not at all following or obeying our constitution in the United States. My trust, my hope, is not in Donald Trump. It is in the Lord. The Lord will do what he pleases.

It will all be at his time. So if or when something happens to Trump and he’s no longer capable of leading, if I were to put all my stock in him, if I were to put all my trust in him, that would be it. I’d have no more hope because I had put all my trust in man.

Matthew 10:27-28, whatever I tell you in the dark speak in the light and what you hear in the ear. Preach on the housetops and do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul, but rather fear him, who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. That’s the words of Jesus Christ. Now, the reason I wanted to read 27. Because it’s interesting, Jesus is telling us that what he tells us, what we read in his word, what we read in the dark in our own homes, and dark here isn’t darkness without light.

It’s just unseen. We are to speak in the light, in the light of day. We are to speak openly, in other words, and what you hear in the ear. What we learn from those who are teaching and preaching his word as we continue to read his word and we grow, we are to preach on the housetops. We are to let our voice be heard.

We are not to be afraid. Beloved, you may be among those who have been told to shut your mouth. Quit saying anything about the Lord, cheeses, or you’re going to pay a pretty steep penalty. But Jesus is saying, don’t stop. There are people who have not heard my name. They have not been given the chance to make that choice.

There are people who need to hear the gospel. They need that hope. And if we decide just to sit back in our darkness, in our safe little rooms in our homes and not speak out into the light. Well then we’re sinning. We are being selfish. We are not doing God’s work. because James tells us in chapter four, for he who knows to do good but fails to do it.

To him it is sin. Now, Matthew 10:28, very popular verse that many have heard and do not fear, those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. And that’s every human being and that’s. Every demon because they can only kill our bodies. That’s it. Jesus says, but rather fear him. That’s God, our maker, our creator, Yahweh, who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

That is the only person we fear. The only being that we need to be careful with our lives and not cross him. But why do we coward in the face of evil then? Because evil can only end our life. And as the Apostle Paul said, absent from the body is present with the Lord. Amen to that. If someone kills me, they do me a favor because I’m in heaven. And the life in this side of eternity with all of its pain, with all of its struggles, with all the darkness in it.

We’ll be gone. We’ll be gone. I mean, what else can they do? Okay, evil can take our belongings, take our comforts from us. Some of the worst things would be taking loved ones away from us, stealing them away or ending their lives. To me, that would be far worse than someone taking my life. Let me correct myself, ending my life, but even with the worst that they can do.

Taking loved ones away from us. To me that would be the worst. Even that is temporary. And even in that pain, sorrow, and suffering, Jesus is there and he will comfort us. Isaiah 41 verse 10. Fear not for I am with you. I can stop right there. There’s more to it, but man, that really sums everything up. Fear not.

Don’t be afraid. Why? For I Am with You. He’s with us, beloved. All Born again believers have the Holy Spirit dwelling in them and God works through His Holy Spirit through us to do his work, which means he is always with us. Going on. Be not dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you. Yes, I will help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand Beloved. That’s a verse to really clinging to Isaiah 41:10. We don’t have to fear because he’s with us. We don’t have to be dismayed because he’s our gone. He’s got this all figured out. We are just in the process of going through the story. The story that is already been played out because God can see the end of it already. For those of us still going through linear time. We’re just working our way to that point. That’s all. So in this time when we are threatened, and yes, there’s more lockdowns, more than likely coming and more threats of this and that. There’s more talk about lockdowns going to be harder, and even to leave your house, you’re going to have to take these ridiculous vaccines to get your freedom.

And of course we know it’s evil. because the world as a whole knows that they’re not even vaccines, they’re poisonous shots. They don’t do anything to help a person. They don’t. In the United States, we have ways of tracking that with the VAERS system for several years. Anybody who’s even seen that through the very c d C knows that these shots have been causing far more damage than Covid itself.

And the sad thing is that’s even with the government changing the numbers, making C O V I D look worse than it really is. That’s them playing with the numbers. And since we know the truth, well, there’s only one motivation behind it, and that would be for power. These people who are forcing individuals around the world to take these shots that cause damage that are permanently damaging the human body damaging genetics.

They’re doing it for the power, they’re doing it for money. And they’re doing it because the devil has them under his spell, and Jesus is their only hope. So hang in there, beloved. You’re born again. Your life can be ended, but it can’t be taken away. I mean, take this moment on a more positive note and just think for a moment what heaven will be like. Have you ever taken time to try to really think it through. I struggle with that. It’s really hard for my imagination to grip what it will be like in heaven, but whatever it’s going to be like, I know it’s going to be magnificent. Beautiful. I mean, I try to think, what does that look like if sin is no longer present?

Because once he burns everything and once evil is done away with, and that’s all that’s left is glorified beings and we are all Christ-like at that point, there’s no more sin. There’s no more animals hunting each other down. The lion and the lamb will once again lie down side by side.

What will the vegetation look like? Are there going to be dead trees anymore? I mean, come Halloween time in the United States, that’s one of the images that we see. Old scary trees, a dead tree that looks like a big hand. But in heaven, is it all going to be plush? No decay. I mean, that’s the impression I get. So I try to imagine walking in a forest where, wow, there’s no mosquitoes biting me. Trees are perfectly healthy. There’s no sin. because sin has disrupted, not just human beings, and of course the angels, the fallen ones, but have also disrupted and poisoned all of creation. So think on that. Think on that beauty that someday we’ll behold in the presence of God our Father, because that’ll be the most magnificent part of heaven. Right now, nobody can look upon God. Moses wanted to, but God made it clear. You can’t look upon me. You have sin in you, and it would just annihilate him. The reason God can’t look upon evil, it’s not because he’s blind, it’s because evil can’t stay in his presence. But think about that. We’ll be living in his presence. We’ll see him. That’s going to be great.

Well, it’s about that time. Thank you for joining me and keep looking to our Lord. Keep looking to that beautiful light. Keep looking to him for strength. Mentally, spiritually and physically. Our mailing address is Box 126, Frazee, Minnesota 56544. If you can support this ministry, be greatly appreciated.

You can also go to the website, click on donate, and there’s a way to use PayPal. I also ask you to pray. I keep praying for me to the Lord guide me that my tongue only speaks what the Holy Spirit allows. I never want to speak any false doctrine, ever. Pray for my family and pray for all who listen to the podcast that these words, bless them, stir them up, and that they act upon what the Holy Spirit is telling them.

And beloved, if that’s you, act on it. Don’t wait. Today is the day the Lord has made. Don’t waste any time. Quit putting things off. Whatever he has told you to do, do it. Email me. You can go to my website. Any questions, any problems, any news, good, bad, or otherwise, I love hearing from my brothers and sisters around the world. Please contact me.

May the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and bring you peace, beloved.

And until next time…God bless.